Reboot Body Wrap

COMING SOON.   How would you like to reboot your body with a pampering spa treatment that can takes inches off your waist, buns, hips and thighs? The Reboot Body Wrap combines the soothing power of aloe vera with a blend of natural herbs to target fat cells and create a thinner, tighter and refreshed you.

Fitness TimeHow does it work?

The Reboot Body Wrap takes advantage of a proprietary blend of aloe vera and naturally grown herbs to penetrate through the protein wall that surrounds fat cells to dissipate the toxins our body stores in fat. Once released from these cells, the body’s lymphatic system simply does its job and flushes these toxins from your body.

The first step is to prepare your skin with the Reboot Body Wrap Body Wash, this cleanses your pores and prepares your skin to receive all the advantages of the body wrap. All that is left to do is apply the gel to wherever you want tightening, wrap your body (I’ll show you how!), and relax for 45 minutes. can even throw on some comfortable clothes and run to the store, no one will know you’re removing toxins and improving your figure on the go!

Clean-up is a breeze, as you can massage the remaining Reboot Body Wrap gel into your skin. What you’re left with is soft skin and inches off your silhouette!

Combine the Reboot Body Wrap with the 14 Day Reboot for even more noticeable weight loss!