Are you a health conscious busy entrepreneur, executive, mother running your business, managing employees, housework, dishes, trekking  kids to after school activities who is trying to get healthy, increase energy and maybe lose a few lb’s in the process?

  • Do you find yourself picking up healthy magazines, looking online visiting healthy lifestyle websites trying to figure out the best healthy program for you and your family but there are so many different viewpoints that you have no clue which one will work for you? 
  • Do you find yourself trying to cook and feed your family healthy meals but suck at it? 
  • Do you wish you could stop the cravings and find foods that will make you feel fuller longer while giving you energy, helping you stay healthy and trim?

 I once felt the same way.  I am a mother and an entrepreneur who knows first hand how difficult it can be to fit it all in, eating healthy, taking care of the family, make money, paying the bill and trying to squeeze an exercise class into my busy schedule.

A single mom, running my own business with all day to day responsibilities on my shoulders struggling with my desires to be healthy.

I couldn’t find time to eat as healthy as I wanted. I’d grab something quick on the go which gave me uncontrollable urge to eat sugary fatty foods and you guessed it, I gained weight.

My hips, butt, and belly got bigger not to mention my health deteriorated, my business and family suffered.  I wasn’t liking myself. I felt really stressed and full of anxiety.  I had no energy and my cholesterol numbers were so high the doctors wanted me on medication stat.

 As I got older, it became harder and harder to lose weight and increase energy.  My body just would not respond the way it had in the past. 

 That all changed when I finally figured it out. Boy, what a difference and now I want to share it with you. 

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Imagine if…

everything you ate gave you energy, increased your health and vitality.


looking in the mirror naked and saw a body that was slim, trimmed and healthy every day.


whipping up tasty healthy meals for you and your family in less than 10 minutes.

Imagine how your life would be when…..

you didn’t have to worry about time, money, health or weight issues.

 I’m  Cindie Borg  a healthy  lifestyle nutritionist and my superpower is helping women like you redesign your health, body and business through real food nutrition, timesaving lifestyle activities and wealth building strategies.  

I will help you upgrade your health, business and life as well as kick your butt into gear. 

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You and me are meant to be.Cindie-About

You are a “Healthy Connoisseur”- a health-conscious person who has an interest in all things healthy has a fine appreciation for healthy eating and a healthier lifestyle. 

You believe that health and wealth can exist together but need to find the right path to follow. 

I am a Healthy Lifestyle Nutritionist and also a “Healthy Connoisseur”. My passion is helping people live an optimal healthy wealthy lifestyle and sharing what I’ve learned and experienced with others. 

You want to lose weight and are tired of trying different programs only to get disappointed when the results don’t last.

 I am a functional fitness trainer and certified yoga instructor specializing in body-sculpting and stress reduction. 

You are looking for quick and easy ways to feed you and your family healthy meals that taste good. 

I am also a plant-based cooking coach and an expert in time-saving techniques to help you reach the healthiest body and life you and your family deserves.

You are looking for ways to spend more time with family, friends and for yourself. 

I am also a certified life/business coach with time-tested solutions that will bring you more time and money. 

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